Breakfast (heartbreak) #1
Anonymous Mar 17, 03:18 PM

Breakfast (heartbreak) #1 0

Last year breakfast was nominated as international cake😹💔💔💔 But what do we call one sided breakfast? I mean when the love is one sided and you got served hot and chilly😭 Oh my god You know... you just meet someone and you exchange contacts start talking and the person is just sooo kind and cool possess some qualities you want your partner to have 😐 then this person start telling you you are cute I love your voice I like this thing about you I like that yenyenyenyen😏 filled your head with lies and then they start asking if you are single or not😏 trying to know more about your ex what makes you part ways🥴 and of course you’re single so you tell them you are and everything .... they start calling more often and even promise to come and talk to you in person coz they have alot they want to discuss with you💔💔 Boom 💥 with your yeye head you start fantasizing things😹😹 you have already seen your wedding day in your imagination and your marriage is the perfect one your mother in-law loves you bcos of the way you’re taking care her of her child and the way you respect all his family🙂 poor thing🥺 you become so obsess with the person you never knew anything about but you have already told them not only your story but also the history of your great grandparents 🙆🏾‍♀️


Naseeba Mar 17, 03:39 PM
🤭😂😂😂 continue pls
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Anonymous Mar 17, 03:44 PM

I will continue in the night
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Sadeeqsak Mar 17, 03:54 PM
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Naseeba Mar 17, 04:01 PM

northern hibiscus kika xama kenan
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Anonymous Mar 17, 06:20 PM

No😹😹😹😹 yamma tayi lokacin akwai abunda zan ga part two can kafun part three kuma
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