I'm confused 🥺 should I accept him?
Anonymous Nov 23, 10:43 PM

I'm confused 🥺 should I accept him? 1

Greetings everyone. I'm 28yrs and he's 27yrs,I'm working & he's not but he has a fashion house of his own,I'm MSc holder & he has HND Certificate. we met few months ago but he is eager to get married to me because he's afraid of loosing me,but I keep on contemplating.can anyone give a piece of advice to me?


Jibril saeed Nov 23, 10:56 PM
if he loves you for real forget those certificates and marry him.
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Anonymous Nov 23, 11:21 PM
wlhy he loves me fisabilillah, he is religious, handsome, humble and a kind person everyone in his family has accepted me but I'm afraid of my family. they might say ya za'ayi ki auri wanda ko a wata 2 bazai iya hada albashinki na wata 1 ba
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AnDex_Blaq Nov 24, 12:02 AM
How can you say he has a fashion house and still say he’s not working. Can his monthly income take care of you for now while he upgrades his business?? If you feel he doesn’t earn like you, pleae leave the guy alone before you’ll get married to him and be using your monthly income to taunt or insult him.
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Sweetpie Nov 24, 12:41 AM
hmm, you know you’re not suppose to focus on comparing what you earn with him. Ask yourself the necessary questions, does he love you? is he religious? does he have any bad habit? is financially stable to take care of you? my sister if all your answers fit pls forget abt your age,work and salary. it’s very hard nowadays to find who sincerely loves you and wanna be with you. some women are not upto your age but they still can’t find husband to marry, and you are lucky to have someone scared of loosing you. omo think well and fight for your happiness. duk Wanda yayi miki maganan kin fishi samun kudi ki nuna musu haka Allah ya tsara. That’s if you really love him and you’ve prayed hard enough.
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Reerah Nov 24, 12:55 AM
hmm I don’t think it’s a good idea to marry him gsky
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AnDex_Blaq Nov 24, 01:49 AM
and why is that? Cause his income is lesser than hers?
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Trustee Nov 24, 04:17 AM
Trustee Nov 24, 05:05 AM
If the feelings are mutual Y not? those certificate dichotomy ain't gonna matter ....Yana da sa'nar sa .
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Abubakar Usman Nov 24, 05:48 AM
kindly leave the young man if you don’t love him as much as he does… otherwise you are likely to contemplate even after marriage. however, Allah may Allah guide your guys through.
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Aminusta Nov 24, 05:50 AM
Ni shawara dayane ki manta da aikinki ko aikinsa shekararki ko shekarunsa, aure dai ibada ce, kuma hanyace ta samun aljanna. Shin ki tambayi kanki tsakanin ki da Allah. Zaki iya masa biyyaya ki nemi aljannar ki a karkashinsa. xaki iya binsa a matsayinki na matarsa kamar yadda addini ya tanada. In xaki iya babu matsala in baxaki iya ba to ki sani xaki sa rayuwarki a hatsari. Kuma shima xaiyi danasani daga baya
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Abu-Bakr Nov 24, 08:54 AM
Anonymous #2 Nov 24, 10:51 AM
Allah ya kyauta
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Zakariya Nov 24, 10:54 AM
you should think deeply by yourself, because you so much doubt on him
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Anonymous #3 Nov 26, 07:50 AM
I hope you will read this, truth be told, all the things you mentioned are critical to a successful marriage, you may not be the problem in the marriage, he might be....he may not be the problem in the marriage, you might be....the point is we are all humans and are prone to err....and these things are critical BUT the most important thing is if a man/woman is always conscious of fulfilling their rights and obligations towards Allah, they will surely fulfill their rights and obligations towards you.... the most simple example of the prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is his marriage to Khadijah radiyallahu anha(though some scholars dispute the age issue), she was not just richer than him Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, she was his employer......but then you know yourself,your condition better than anyone, you know this man better than anyone. Does he love you honestly or for what you have....Does he have the moral aptitude to withstand these challenges, is he strong enough? most importantly are you strong enough to not give in to these things....Satan will prey on you.... it's a challenge and you should be ready to take it if you want to.....same goes with any other marriage. Also you have done one aspect of it, that's consulting humans for their honest opinion though this should have come second, the other thing you should do is to consult your Creator, The Over-Seeir of all your affairs ask for His(not because He's a male but for lack of proper pronoun) opinion......How do you do that....pray to raka'ahs and in your last sitting do du'a al-istikharah you with a sincere heart....do this as much as yiu can until you have conviction in your heart.... I hope you'll find this helpful.
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Anonymous Nov 26, 08:44 AM
thank you all for ur advice, I really do appreciate 🙏
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Reerah Dec 1, 11:04 PM
you see the first thing that came to ur mind is the income I'm sure after the marriage that will be the only thing ringing in his head ama Wlhi that's not even the reason 🥺I've seen two failed marriages because of same reason
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