A Security guard at our school hmm!, wai he's in love with me
Anonymous Nov 6, 10:47 PM

A Security guard at our school hmm!, wai he's in love with me 2

Salam fam....hope kowa na lfy.....I don't know how to say this but some people are totally out of there senses...akwai wani security muna mutunci dashi because mu yan mkrnt nei muna dan gaisa wa idan zamu fita Kwai sai wannan guy in yayi min messenge da asuba wai yana sona kuma wana kwauna ta.Fisabililah wani kirin Abu nei wannan nasan macce bata fi karfin namiji ba kuma na miji baifi karfin macce ba....I belong to rich family Alhamdullilah but idan banda tsaurin ido kirin nashi daga mutunci dashi zaice yana sona....please no insult ku bani shawara because tun dazun nake tunanin mai zance mai (should I call and put him in his place or I should just ignor him?)


Abubakar Usman Nov 6, 11:02 PM
Waalaikum assalam! first the word love is a good thing no matter whether rich or poor don’t disrespect a person that says he loves you because love is highly encouraged in Islam. rather tell him you love him too as a Muslim but you don’t want to have any relationship with him. moreover, his not out of his senses his just admiring Allah’s creation (which is you) so I advise you should politely tell him your mine and appreciate that fact that he loves you and in sha Allah Allah SWT will reward you for your kindness Ameen 🙏
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Wlkslm my sister if any person told you he love you. firstly you should appreciate that person bcos mutan nawa da suka fiki komai Amma babu wanda Yace yana sonsu. honestly speaking my advice to you is that kawai kice masa kingode Amma you don’t have an interest in that relationship. I think idan kikayi haka it will be better kinga bazai ce Kinyi masa wulakanci ba or something like that. I wish you all the best 🤝
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Anonymous #1 Nov 6, 11:50 PM
I understand that he is not even your social class, it shows gaskiya beda hankali. You should politely tell him No, ki rage sake masa fuska. be more serious with him gaisuwar ma irin sama sama. shikenan but politely. thats my advice to you
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Abubakar Usman Nov 6, 11:55 PM

beda hankali kuma? because they are not of the same social class? that's wrong Gaskiya because there is no social class in hereafter.
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Anonymous #2 Nov 7, 12:03 AM
Ohhh! Honestly inn har de kina sonchi, please don't hesitate to accept him but if you do not just appreciate him & let him know that he can't get what he wants from you. The issue of class does not play in love and affections.. May Allah help you
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Al-Ameen Abubakar Nov 7, 05:53 AM
Wslm sis. Remember, Akodayaushe zuciya tanason me kyautata mata. Mutane dayawa suna son me kulawa dasu koda kuwa SAKIN FUSKANE. So never try to look down upon his status. The Wiseman says LOVE IS BLIND. And can travel a thousand mile without given a notice.. Koda bakya sonshi but, Never say No directly, cox there are so much people dabasu sami daman furtawa masoyansu suna sonsu ba. At least appreciate his effort. Lastly remember magana mai dadi ma sadakace.
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Feesah Nov 7, 06:21 AM
honestly some people do cross their lines, it is okay to swallow some kind of love feelings when you know it will put you in trouble. it is also normal to admire and love someone lower or upper (whatever)... what is not okay is approaching the impossible and call it confidence, he isn’t a match for you and he should have kept his administration to himself, telling you shows he is bold(the kind that comes with lies) he should have discussed it with someone else not you. administration is not compatibility (for marriage) sai gwobe🙃😚😚
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Feesah Nov 7, 06:26 AM
abeg the issue of class play so much in love o! you can not love what you don’t like and in this world that we are now, we have seen it all and nobody is a stranger again. our ear have heard and our eyes has seen the end of those who choose marriage by their hormones 🤓
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Anonymous #3 Nov 7, 07:15 AM
Abubakar Usman Nov 7, 07:25 AM

agreed it actually does... in our society we have several levels of class and Allah made it that way to test our iman... and hereafter questions will be asked
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Anonymous #1 Nov 7, 08:47 AM

who is talking about hereafter here? just being realistic. let me cut his coat according to his size. se ya je ya samo diyar mallam shehu.
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Saniieam Nov 7, 09:54 AM
Real love has nothing to do with social class. If you aren't interested just let him know your mind politely please. Never you at any cost insult a fellow human because he expressed his feelings towards you. Tell him you take him as a brother and you like and respect him.
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Sumaiya Aliyu Nov 7, 10:24 AM
Al Khalimatin dayyibatis sadaqat!!! it's very easy, ki kirashi kice Kinga saqon sa, Amma Kuma kina Mai baqin cikin sanar dashi kina tare da wani, Kuma kin hango rashin adalci in kikace zaki bar wancen ki dawo masa, Kuma Shima kina sa ran Mai tausayi ne da lura da fadar addini "la yu'uminu ahdikum, hatta Yu hibal li akihi ma yuhibbal NAFSI" kina Mai Yi masa fatan alkhairi Kuma Insha Allah in aurensa ya tashi ya fada miki you can see where to help, Kinga alteast kin masa magana Mai dadi Babu cin mutumci Dan Yana security guard... bissalam
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Zoyerh Nov 7, 11:41 AM
Well, this is love… love doesn’t care sis… the more you know this, the more considerate you become💚 love doesn’t care about your class and background… you might fall in love with a guy far beyond ur class as well.. I understand its kinda surprising but the way you handle the whole thing will go a long way…. I have encountered such several times and almost every girl will encounter such in their lives…. Once you are not married, expect bn tsted from left, right and centre from ppl below, within and above ur class😀 so what do u do? I will tell you: “handle it kindly” you can use same medium he used (sms) and reply… greet, thank him, and tell him u wouldn’t want to waste his time, but an riga anyi min miji a gida tun two years back, ko kuma ina tare da wani kuma mun riga munyi nisa har an fara maganan aure… it is allowed to lie, just to avoid making him feel somehow… you could even say “u re a nice person, but……..😃😃 goodluck
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Abubakar Usman Nov 7, 02:01 PM

Masha Allah... as the chairman of the comment association of Nigeria, I hereby make this comment the comment of the day 😁😁😁 Allah yayi maki albarka Ameen
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Anonymous #4 Nov 7, 02:07 PM
you belong to rich family. I think you're so rude with this statement. please know how to respect men. some are paying huge amount of money just to get married you're there telling us rich family. werey.🤸
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Nadrah Nov 7, 02:12 PM
Subhanallah.. Poster I want you to understand that matters of the heart is not by choice. I personally don't see anything wrong with him loving you I'm sure he sees good in you that's why he summoned the courage to text you I'm also sure it wasn't easy for him to do that that was why he texted instead of confronting you. Remember the prophet and Nana Khadijah? And moreover Islam permits a man to marry a woman cos of her wealth. So if you don't love him just tell him you don't feel the same way he feels. And if you have someone you can also politely tell him that. And drop the pride cos I can see that in ur post.
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Anonymous #5 Nov 7, 03:32 PM
I want to say something briefyl too concerning the previous post akan security guard, I was also a victim😅. back then in secondary school the school security guard has been crushing on me and I wasn't aware thou my friends kept telling me because they noticed so much and I was blind to it and all I kept saying was kawai fa mutunchi ne because I call him baba his a bit old let me say around late 40's, so baba always asks them where is ur friend or anytime we go the school canteen to get something he gives us for free or with a discount or he asks his boy that takes care of the canteen to be giving me discounts that's if his at the gate at that time because he owns the canteen, my friends always want to carry me along with to the canteen because of the discount or we get it for free 😂 wlhi I never for once Blvd them because I was just taking it as mutunchi ne ya Kai haka untill we graduated and left and everyone had to pursue life again and looked for admission so I left for my state to stay for awhile before I get admission and to my surprise this man said his coming to see me that he misses me🙄I was like do u know the distance from Abuja to where I am now? wlhi don't worry na yafe ma he still insisted that he would come and even asked what he will get for me I told him just sweets and to my surprise he called the following morning and told me his on his way and that was when I started believing what my friends kept saying so I told my aunt that so so person is coming and she was also in shock that why will my school security guard decide to come see me just like that? but na komai bakon ka annabin ka so he came and I went to pick him mu kazo gida ya gaishe su ya chi abinchi and said he would be coming back in the evening that he wants to talk to my aunt so this man came o as said and he told her that he loves me and he wants to marry me 😩ahh ahhh my aunt said is she aware and are u guys into relationship he said yes o that we have been dating since school me I didn't know those smiling faces I used to give and all those strange calls he kept calling and I picked thinking is just to check up on me I didn't know it was all the toasting so my aunt called me in front of him and asked me and to my surprise I looked at hima and said nooooo I wasn't aware besides u never mentioned na and I never had feelings for u I just took u as a father me I don't have any feelings for u. that was my first time of seeing a man drop a tear 😥 his eyes were red he brought out his hanki wiped his tears and said may Allah make me accept him one day.....well to cut the long essay cause am tired of typing 😂 his from Katsina typical one and his a big Mallam to be pricise and I was told Katsina ppl de do charm they said he can even hold anyan coming my way at the end I must marry him because of the no I gave him.....har yau de ban da saurayi Banda Mai Sona Dana ga ya mun sai umserious ones kawai I refused to blv it well because I don't blv in asiri but am starting to blv now because am still single and anyman that starts asking me out later on he disappears, Allah ya Kara kare mu we should just be careful out there with this ppl we look down too because they are less previlaged
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Anonymous #6 Nov 7, 05:57 PM

wlh kuwa kwata kwata bata san darajar dan adam ba kuma a haka wae take neman miji. Allah ya kyauta wanda ya aurenta ya auran wa kansa kam
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Anonymous #5 Nov 7, 06:03 PM
just be careful on how u talk to him and pls be nice and understanding when talking to him
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Anonymous #5 Nov 7, 06:09 PM
forget the "Rich" part ko da kudin ki in ya gadama ze malla ke ki....so pls we should all know how to talk to ppl in a nice tone sa bida a rabu lafiya cause I really know what am going through and it's not like I also sounded rude to my own security crush fa, kawai ya Riga ya sa ni a ran sa and he was willing to do anything to get me I think that's it.... imagine a man cry because u rejected him and an elderly man for that matter Mai kike tuna in zefaru? akwai alot of good and bad in this duniya and we should be careful of them and always be nice to them.....in namiji Yana son ki kar ki Mai bakin hali just talk to him in a nice tone tell him u have someone but komai na Allah ne barin Kore ka ba in Kai alkhairi ne a gare ni toh Allah ya tabbatar that's it sai ki ga Kun zo kunyi rabuwar mutunchi that anytime he remembers u ze che Allah sarki wache ta Soni wlhi Allah ne Bai yarda ba
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Fatima Muhammad husain Nov 7, 06:16 PM

her main point here is the rich marries the rich while the poor marries the poor or an average class, Allah ya bamu Wanda ze rike mu tsakani da Allah kawai
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