Every relationship issue can be fixed
Abdourl 12 Jul 24, 01:06 PM

Every relationship issue can be fixed 6

I can see that nowadays relationships are so fragile and many people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to a relationship (either dating or marital), some of these unrealistic expectations include: 1. Believing that your partner will change without actually addressing the issue 2. Having thought that you should always feel the spark, deeply in love, or passionate 3. Believing that you should know what each other is thinking or feeling without asking 4. Thinking that you should always agree and never have conflicts 5. Believing that the relationship will grow on its own without actual mutual investment and effort 6. Believing that you should be part of every aspect of their lives or there should be no privacy 7. Believing that they should 'complete you' 8. Thinking every issue in the relationship is about them not you. And many more..... Such kind of unrealistic expectations tends to sabotage many relationships and create stress and resentfulness. A healthy relationship is a kind of relationship that let go of grudges and doesn't let any conflicts go unresolved, mistakes that many people used to made right from early stages of dating is avoiding conflicts resolution, many marital relationships begin with issues right from the dating phase which can't be or hard to be fixed in the long run. Avoiding communication and not trying to fix an issue will not let that issue fade, it will be there and even become bigger which will destroy the relationship entirely. If you're facing any issue with your partner, either by their behaviour, how they treat you, or any other issue, don't suppress it or lower your standards just to keep them, if you failed to stand up for yourself more especially at dating phase your partner will always keep treating you the way you showed up to them, you shouldn't be a passive, aggressive or passive-aggressive person, these kinds of behaviours will only make your relationship unhealthy and resentful, but rather, learn to be assertive person and easygoing. Finally, not every relationship is worth keeping and that's hard to believe, not every relationship is certain. Knowing when to leave a relationship that's draining your energy, and that's not serving you isn't an easy task, many of us have been suffering from low self-esteem and this let us put our partners on the pedestal and started to project a lot of fantasies of how this person could be, some have attachment issues that's why many people out there are accepting less than what they want in a relationship and keep convincing themselves that they're fine while they're not. Investment in a relationship should be a two-way stream, if you found yourself in a relationship where it feels like you're always giving then that could be unrequited love and it's pointless to keep trying in it. However, Istikhara will save you from wasting your time and energy on the wrong person, always ask Allah to guide you I guarantee you that you'll never regret that. Growth mindset is also very important to developed, just because your relationship with someone failed doesn't mean it's the end of the world, you'll feel the pain but it won't last forever and you'll have great opportunities in the future, don't rush the process and don't let social media and stereotype deceive you


Sgabdo Sep 11, 10:53 PM
this is really Helpful May you be rewarded
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Nyla Aliyu Sep 6, 09:07 AM
May Allah make it easy for us all. Allah ya bamu nagari
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Abdourl 12 Aug 14, 02:35 PM
Fauziya Aug 14, 01:37 PM
ya Allah bless me with a spouse who will truly love me
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Abdullahi usman8367 Jul 31, 05:33 PM
U are saying the actual facts that's happening in this nowadays may الله almighty make us the trustworth in our entire life ooo🤲🤲🤲
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Ayesha audu Jul 26, 09:42 AM
One of the things worth mentioning that is affecting marriage and relationships is the general moral and ethical decay in our communities and the country at large, people are no longer trustworthy, people have no regards for ethics or doing the right thing. Lying is a Norm, its hard to find someone to trust. so how can relationships and marriages be healthy with such character of people?
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