My parents don't want me to marry him (he's SS)
Anonymous Mar 30, 12:51 PM

My parents don't want me to marry him (he's SS) 0

I Need your advice, I met someone about a year ago and we’ve been inseparable since then although it’s a long distant relationship but he makes it a habit to visit me every month.. the thing is he came home and asked for my hands some months back but he is SS, my parents refused saying I would suffer but I did my own investigation and tbh he has never had any attacks accept for malaria that aside I told them that na Allah neh cos we never can tell if it’ll be me he’ll suffer with.. I need you advice what should I do? PS my genotype is AA


Sadiq babayo Apr 26, 06:51 AM
U being AA and him being SS issa good match which everyone would encourage..but then bin na gaba bin Allah Allah ya muku zabi mafi alkairi
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Anonymous #2 Mar 31, 06:31 PM
Make them see reasons as to how it's not going to affect you since you are AA even your children there won't be SS among them
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Anonymous #1 Mar 31, 02:16 PM
Keep trying to convince them and if possible tell them to seek for Drs opinion especially the haematologist. But if they insist on no, then u should let go and get someone else. Patents blessing is very important in marriage
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Anonymous #4 Mar 30, 04:55 PM
Just try and convince them. Ki nuna musu ba problem medically. And if there is any family doctor or nurse that will lecture them how the tin is.
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Zee Abdul Mar 30, 04:44 PM
But not all SS people have regular crises. I know someone thats SS but rarely gets sick and he seems physically strong. It depends on the intensity gaskiya.
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Anonymous Mar 30, 04:21 PM
Anonymous #4 Mar 30, 02:40 PM
You're good yo go. In my on opinion u can marry him. Who ever survived with SS up yo this stage ba wani problem bane. Beside your genotype is AA. Ya wuce stage na suffering.
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