Serious note to all
Anonymous Aug 21, 02:58 AM

Serious note to all 2

Assalam. Pls and pls my brothers and sisters, this issue of profile picture is VERY serious. Someone previously drew our attention on this matter, but haryanzu no improvement haba jama'a. I don't think it will cost anyone anything to quickly scroll down their gallery to upload a picture in my opinion. Nobody here on the platform i strongly believe, has anything to hide because we are all here for a serious matter so why not complete your profile with your picture? As suggested earlier i support that admin should find a way to make it compulsory maybe is the best way out saboda gaskia personally abun yana yimini ciwo as i look through profiles. I am sure that if picture weren't important it wouldnt have been part of it in the 1st place. This is not intended to offend anyone pls but the 2nd thing i want to draw our attention to is pending requests. It does not feel good to be left on pending for uncountable's just like ignoring someone. REJECT or ACCEPT and be done with it. Don't keep someone's hope high and hanging hence, i urgue us all pls muji tsoron Allah and do what is right. No need to feel bad to decline a request if not interested is better than pending. Nagode, and may Allah help us all.


Arewa Up Aug 21, 03:43 PM
We are aware of this issue and we will come up with a solution very soon. However, one of the reasons is notifications on websites are not a prompt as on a mobile App.
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Anonymous #1 Aug 21, 03:12 AM
You know these two things have been on my mind sosai. You’ll see a month old request. The person will refuse to respond. It’s not even fair on the other person’s part.
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