looking for solution for high libido
Anonymous Nov 24, 08:49 PM

looking for solution for high libido 0

I have high libido (sex drive). please how can I reduce it that's will not effect me negative. because I don't have plans to marry soon. I want some medicine that I will be using. to reduce it for me. at same time I want the libido to come back after I married


Anonymous #1 Nov 24, 08:54 PM
The best thing is to get married if you have the means, you know virtually all drugs have sideffect, don't do something that you will regret in the future. Since you don't have plans to marry then if you are Muslim, do what prophet Muhammad SAW said "you should fast".
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Anonymous #2 Nov 25, 06:56 AM
am a female and am also battling with that to the extent that I resulted into masturbation. am not married but each I I promised myself not to go back to it I always find a way to. I just pray to get someone who is ready to settle down if not....... It's just getting higher and higher each day
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Abdulwaliyyu Nov 25, 07:16 AM

pray and fast as much as you cus if you continue with the temporary solution you got yourself believe me marriage alone will not solve it.
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Anonymous #2 Nov 25, 07:42 AM

am trying but it's not helping. and I don't even have a boyfriend let more of someone to marry
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Anonymous Nov 25, 07:57 AM

of course marriage will solve it, I believe if you have the satisfaction of what you want. it will reduce it all the time. you need to things to work things out. one solution isn't enough. pray and action. if you can involve pray and action definitely you will see the result you are looking for. I dis agreed with you when you say marriage can't not solve it Allah ya sa muda chi
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Anonymous Nov 25, 07:59 AM

isn't only you I do masturbation not always. obviously for me if I am financially stable I will marry. I am not that financial that I will keep wife. if not I will look for girl to marry
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Anonymous Nov 25, 08:08 AM
Abdulwaliyyu Nov 25, 08:10 AM

Nah I don't agree with that. firstly you have to believe it'll and as for boyfriend or someone to marry it'll come with time Insha Allah.
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Zee Abdul Nov 25, 08:26 AM

But Marriage is really a solution, it can help those who really want to stop.
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Abdulwaliyyu Nov 25, 09:16 AM

you're welcome
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Abdulwaliyyu Nov 25, 09:19 AM

do have an idea the number of people that still masturbate even after marriage? Believe once you're addicted marriage alone will not be enough.
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Zee Abdul Nov 25, 10:02 AM

thats why i said, for those that really want to stop. Marriage can make them achieve it unless someone did not put his best to end it. Marriage has also prevented many from doing it. So its both prevention & cure
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Abdulwaliyyu Nov 25, 03:56 PM

yeah I get your point but what I'm actually trying to make you understand is that marriage is a long shot towards tackling the addiction hence it's better one starts trying before then to make it easier.
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Musa Abdullahi Nov 27, 08:05 PM
Not only you fa, a lot of people are like that. But how busy do you keep yourself?
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Musa Ammar Nov 30, 02:49 PM

yes of course I'm sure marriage is a solution to that.
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Anonymous #3 Dec 4, 03:33 PM
I also have high libido and I find it very hard to comfort myself and I don’t want to masturbate I’m just 19🤧
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Anonymous Dec 5, 01:39 AM
Anonymous #4 Dec 5, 10:05 AM

hmmmm, what is that suppose to mean?
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Anonymous Dec 5, 10:13 AM

to see if we have something in common that will lead us to marry eachother in feature
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Anonymous #4 Dec 5, 02:47 PM

Good question
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Anonymous #2 Dec 9, 03:24 PM

am 31 and it started since when I finished secondary school
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Zee Abdul Dec 9, 09:50 PM

wow, thats a long time ago Do you have plans for marriage anytime soon?
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Anonymous #2 Dec 10, 07:55 AM

yeah since when I finished secondary school. but my parents where against it and now there is no one coming. I just pray I get someone soon.
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Zee Abdul Dec 10, 05:43 PM

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