what kills relationships? lets discuss
Anonymous May 16, 02:54 PM

what kills relationships? lets discuss 0

What kills relationship slowly, let's discuss so that we can learn from each other.🙂😥 🤍🖤🥰🌹


Aeesharh May 16, 03:39 PM
1. Lack of communication 2. Neglecting each others needs 3. Taking your partner for granted etc
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Ameeerah21 May 16, 06:29 PM
Understanding and trust is the main thing.Kuma dukan su su natsu😂
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Mohammed sani S May 16, 08:09 PM
too much demand kills relationship
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Meenah2 May 16, 08:17 PM
much expectations
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MuhammadS May 16, 09:00 PM
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Anonymous #2 May 16, 09:47 PM
lack of communication don ya faru dani
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Ahmad Aminu Ahmad May 16, 11:03 PM
mis understanding
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Ahmad Aminu Ahmad May 16, 11:04 PM
mis understanding
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Anonymous #3 May 16, 11:19 PM
Lack or loss of trust, lack of communication, husband or wife not willing to change or improve on things, having different expectation, lack of commitment, financial issues and lack of compatibility
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Al-ameen Abdullah May 16, 11:47 PM
gaskiya anawa hagen rashin daukar auren a mahangar addini da kuma ibadah Sai da dama mutane suna daukar aure a matsayin rayuwar holewa sai kashigo ciki sai kaga sa6anin abinda kake tunani to shine zaka ko shekara biyu ba,ayi ba yarinya ta dawo gida amma idan ya dauka bauta yake to dole a bauta akwai hakuri jarrabawa da juriya
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Umairah Sulaiman May 17, 02:20 AM
1.Lack of Communication 2.I don't care attitude 3.Keeping malice 4.Cheating 5.Emotional abuse
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Ameeerah21 May 17, 03:58 AM

Haka fah
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Anonymous #1 May 17, 06:52 AM
Mace tace dole dole namiji ne zai kirata.. Ita ba zata iya kiran sa ba
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Anonymous #1 May 17, 06:53 AM
Do me i do you kind of attitude na mata
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Easmaeel Yerqub May 17, 08:40 AM
but, some people doesn't even knw how to maintain relationship bcuz, they lack flows
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Ahjummaah May 17, 09:06 AM
Anonymous #2 May 17, 11:32 AM

wlh haka suke lokacin da kuka fara soyayya da mace zata rinka kiranka dazaran kunkai wasu watanni shikenan kaikadai zaka rinka kira ita ba ruwanta
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Anonymous #5 May 17, 07:56 PM
Lack of loyalty, cuz for me loyalty is the main key to every relationship
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Al-ameen Abdullah May 18, 04:34 PM

gratitude ✋✋
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Anonymous #6 May 18, 10:19 PM
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LikitaG May 21, 04:10 PM
From my experience, when basic needs aren't met. And needs encompasses different things for a man and woman. Man-sex,attention,dressing nicely, hygiene, respect etc Woman-sex,clothing,decent food,show of affection,taking on his responsibilities,communication etc
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LikitaG May 21, 04:13 PM

Too little demand can also have the same effect. The wife may be working,helping out in many ways on the home front and the husband takes advantage of that to even save up and want to add a wife,which makes the wife no longer desire the husband and wants out 😄
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Usman Aleeyu May 27, 04:43 PM
there are lots of reasons but I think the major reason is "understanding" which is very difficult. loving a person isn't enough reason to keep the relationship going
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Rukaiya Muhammad May 28, 02:07 PM
lack of understanding. disrespect pride
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