why do I always feel like a bad person?
Anonymous Mar 18, 11:15 PM

why do I always feel like a bad person? 1

everyday I Wake up feeling like a bad person.. I don't know why. each time I wake up in the morning I take my time to understand myself and if I miraculously feel okay then before the end of the day my mood will change.... I don't know what is wrong with me


Ahmad Aysha Mar 19, 12:35 AM
Prayer and reading the Quran will be d best solution because am passing through the same issues with u
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Tijjani Muhammad Mar 19, 12:41 AM
you are not a bad person and don't feel guilty is shatan make you feel like that, Kiya wayaita azakar especially asking for forgiveness from Allah insha'Allah you feel good
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Ramatu salihu Mar 19, 07:01 AM
always remember to do your morning and evening askar recite your Quran daily any time your mood changes u will say"lailaha ila anta subuhanaka ini kuntun Minal zalimi" and u are not a bad person u are a great person waiting for more greatness
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Naziru Yakubu Badarawa Mar 19, 10:51 PM
suhanallah Try to be Addicted with prayers and Quran insha Allah Everything will change Bi'iznillah
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Anonymous #1 Mar 21, 07:53 AM
i feel thesame too buh I do my azkar like I often ask myself if I’m a bad person even though I try to judge myself before doing most things
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