How can I get a decent source of income?
Alma Mar 18, 08:48 AM

How can I get a decent source of income? 0

these days getting a decent source of income is hard to come by, anyone has a suggestion on how i can get a good source of income at least to support myself


Anonymous #1 Mar 18, 09:33 AM
Are you a lady or a guy? The question is important.
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Alma Mar 18, 09:34 AM
Anonymous #1 Mar 18, 10:00 AM

There are several things you can do as a lady, even in the comfort of your home. There's writing jobs if you can write. there's online businesses too (you can link customers with vendors and get a percentage) you can repost other people's business and add your own prices. you can make local snacks (like gullisuwa) and sell. you can make drinks (cocktails, Zobo, Kunun Aya) there are endless opportunities wallahi. just that halal income requires patience and small businesses don't pay off hugely from the start.
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Anonymous #1 Mar 18, 12:26 PM

Exactly. theres graphic design too that can be learnt online. you can design logos and flyers for a fee. the opportunities are really endless.
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Isma'il Abdullahi Mar 18, 02:57 PM

Excuse me sister or brother that part that you said (you can repost other people's business and add your own price akwai sharudda na addinin musulunci you can add if only you ask the owner of the goods and he/she agreed.
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Anonymous #3 Mar 18, 05:57 PM

You can package your cv and look for white colar job, learn a skill, start confectionery, do dropshipping. Just start from somewhere, even if it doesn't pay well at the moment, your persistent will pave way for better opportunity. Don't be lazy and be ready to save. If you don't have capital, you can start decluttering for people via Facebook Market place. Wish you good luck
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Anonymous #1 Mar 18, 09:46 PM

It's not hard you can decide on a niche you're interested in (For example, Men's fabric) then you get a vendor (by joining groups around you) find wholesale vendors to make things cheaper. so you repost their business and once you get a buyer, you add your profit and resell. you could even do this with customers that want to waybill (your number could be used as the sender instead of the actual seller's own). or you could Gather contacts of several vendors and confirm their reliability and genuiety then you could even open a group of an Instagram page where you link customers to vendors for a fee.
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Alma Mar 19, 09:13 AM

Am interested in this, but how can I get to meet these wholesale vendors, most of the ones around us are retailers advertising for vendors
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Alma Mar 19, 12:08 PM

seen, thanks alot
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