Why are men not interested in Widows?
Anonymous Nov 24, 02:13 PM

Why are men not interested in Widows? 5

I have realised that most men on social media or even in reality these days don't like marrying widows. They come with a different motive saying a widow has an experience bla bla. Some just need a companion, a friend, a confidante. Most of us are still grieving. We need someone that will help our healing process. Having a good partner will help us a lot. And most of us are peaceful, because Allah has given us a major test in this life. Losing a partner is inexplainable. Imagine helping someone out of grief? Wallahi ladan da zaku samu ba kadan bane, balle idan akwai orphan(s). You guys are missing out big time. Allah Ya bamu abokanan zama nagari, wanda zasu zama mana sanyin idaniya, muma zamu zame masu alkhairi a rayuwan su. Amin.


Abu-Bakr Nov 24, 02:29 PM
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Jibril saeed Nov 24, 02:37 PM
some parents wants there divorced daughters to re-marry but don't want there sons to marry a divorced / widow , it selfish and wickedness wallahi.
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Anonymous Nov 24, 03:04 PM
widow is someone that lost her husband to the cold hands of death. how's that even her fault? Wallahi parents need to do more.
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Saudat Mansur Nov 24, 05:30 PM
Ameen ya hayyu ya qayyum, Allah ya bamu ikon cinye jarabawar,but Miki ne babba a zukatan mu,But Insha Allah,Akwai tanadin da ubangiji yayi mana🀲
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Saudat Mansur Nov 24, 05:47 PM
Thanks πŸ˜€
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Anonymous #2 Nov 24, 05:59 PM
Assalaam. Location and age please?
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Jibril saeed Nov 24, 06:14 PM
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Anonymous Nov 24, 06:37 PM
Wsalaam. Kaduna/Zar- 30
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Datti Nov 25, 04:31 AM
touching. Allah ya iya mana
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Anonymous Nov 25, 07:14 AM
Amin Thumma Amin
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Anonymous #2 Nov 25, 02:17 PM
email address please?
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Ibrahim Abdu Nov 28, 09:48 AM
I think it's better to drop yours for her to reach out to you.
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