Lesson i leant about marriage today
Abubakar Usman Nov 17, 07:57 PM

Lesson i leant about marriage today 8

Assalamu alaikum a'hibbayi biqddratillah you are all doing well Alhamdulillah Ala kulli'hali wa'fi kulli'hali. 🤗 ❤️ 😎 To day a very close friend of mine, which hereby, will be referred on this context, as MD👳‍♂️. MD was ranting on my head all day because of what his wife has did to him... he was so firous that he was asking me for a pen to give her saki daya... of course I tried all my best to calm him down... this is a man with 4 kids oldest being 12 years old... when his calm, he told me that when I get married, I 😎 should be ready to hear shit, received shit, and accept shit like that from my wife sometimes but for the sake of peace I should always remain calm and pray when I'm upset... this got me wondering, are we not guys are girls really really ready both spiritually, emotionally, and mentally to get married??? mind you not everyone is capable of marrying you for the sake of Allah, such kind of love comes from Allah... most people will say I will do this or that to my wife/husband when I get married mind you the reality is totally different... imagine waking up with the same person every blessed day for months and years??? it's just like eating pounded yam day in and day out... can we (the singles ) ready to handle it??? think about it for a second, Allah SWT said marriage is to find peace... so what brings peace??? what she did was really annoying actually and I would have done worst and I'm still surprised how his living life but that has thaght me to work on my self even more to become a better husband... therefore, I will recommend we all (the singles) to look at marriage more as an act of ibadah and anything about is to please Allah SWT. let's pray and more more in becoming the best husband/wife possible Allah yasa mudace. May Almighty Allah give us (the singles) the iman to cope with our eventual marriage Affairs Ammen!!!


Zainab0110 Nov 17, 08:55 PM
Ameen ya Allah
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Mjee Nov 18, 08:32 AM
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Rukaiya Iliyasu Nov 19, 11:37 AM
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