Excuser Sep 18, 08:43 PM

Communicate.! 0

Learn how to communicate when people talk to you don’t give one one line answer If you’re on social media and you’re not socializing you’re wasting time.! You’re online they post something you don’t go and comment You look at it, make the comment in your mind and you scroll pass..


Maryam Alkali Sep 18, 09:03 PM
😂 lol
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Excuser Sep 18, 09:05 PM

be wasting your data😂
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Habeebarty Sep 18, 09:11 PM
wait oo abi na me you dey refer to
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Excuser Sep 18, 09:12 PM

Yes you.!😂 ghutter bhevio stop it
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Habeebarty Sep 18, 09:14 PM

I really find it hard to comment not to talk about posting
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Excuser Sep 18, 09:15 PM

atleast don't view and pass😂 cool?
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Anonymous #1 Sep 18, 10:58 PM
just talk to me direct kawai
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Zahrau Sep 19, 11:06 AM
if u want to talk me talk to me direct don't go thru the corner
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Excuser Sep 19, 11:19 AM
Zahrau Sep 19, 11:22 AM

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Omolara mary Sep 24, 06:12 AM
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Excuser Sep 24, 06:58 AM

hey Gm.!
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