Everybody is Talking marriage and relationships. who dash me liver. read please
Anonymous Nov 23, 12:49 PM

Everybody is Talking marriage and relationships. who dash me liver. read please 2

Hello good day. lately ladies have been shooting their shots to only rich people they say. that is why my picture didn't show there, sonn no I come with a little twist i live in Abuja and I am currently an masters, MBA student specializing in Project management in a very prestigious university. I have worked for a famous and big brand which every knows as a manager but I stopped the work few months back. I have over 3 years of proffessional experience working in a management setting, I can work as a manager, project manager, supervisor, programs manager and operations officer, I am very bright and good at what I do,I have a strong IT skill, the basic and advance, I deliver work effectively, my strength is a combination of determination and persistence. I am wild in creating process and helping organization drives towards their visions. I can work fully with limited or no supervision. MBA is giving me more advantage to understanding Business development and strategy. I need your assistance, if you know any body you can refer me to or if you have business or a company that you can help a brother, all I need is an opportunity to fulfill my dreams. I need an opportunity to sit with and be interviewed you will know more about my work ethics. I am based in Abuj and Amy masters program is designed in such a way I can work and study full time. I can send my Resume to anyone interested for Review, I am interested in the private sector Arewa people do this for me. I decided to make good use of this platform even though I don't have a crush or no one is crushing. Arewaup_matchmaking Hausa room, please repost I'll be very glad


Anonymous #1 Nov 23, 12:56 PM
I wish you all the best but this is not a platform for Job seeking, the Admin has warned against these type of post. Its just for discussions, advice seeking or asking questions.
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Trustee Nov 23, 04:14 PM
Allah taimaka ya bada saa
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Basmatu Nov 23, 05:00 PM
Allah ya Bada Sa'a da Rabo mai Amfani. All the best.
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Anonymous #3 Nov 23, 06:49 PM
all d best In Sha Allah
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Anonymous #2 Nov 23, 08:20 PM
u can sign up on unwork or firverr u can earn about $1000 in a week
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