Female best friend
Anonymous Sep 6, 08:15 AM

Female best friend 0

Greetings everyone....i am a 22 year old girl seeking for a female best friend ... I wish for someone that is free spirited who we would be as close and sisters and share everything between each other.... If interested kindly write on abdulella01@gmail.com Have a beautiful morning.


Zee Abdul Sep 6, 10:28 AM
Are you a male?
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Anonymous Sep 6, 10:28 AM

no Zee....I am a girl
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Zee Abdul Sep 6, 10:33 AM

okay, that's fine i just feel like its a bit weird because your contact will be publicly available and you don't know who is who. when seeking genuine friends it is best through people you know or a mutual person i think. not discouraging you or saying there are'nt good strangers but just my thoughts. All the best
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Anonymous Sep 6, 10:37 AM

I appreciate your thoughts and kind words but a stranger you meet today can be more closer than a hommie you grew up with . Thank you again Zee.
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Bashir Aishah Sep 7, 08:51 AM
I'm interested
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Anonymous Sep 7, 08:58 AM

You welcome love....pls Mail me at abdulella01@gmail.com
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Arewa Up Sep 8, 12:31 AM
Beware of getting acquainted with strangers, we do not encourage posts like this. The purpose of this forum is for discussions, questions and advices
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Younous Sep 8, 06:55 PM
slm good evening everyone
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Mustapha Abe Usman Sep 10, 02:26 AM
Hi everyone
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Anonymous #1 Sep 10, 10:15 AM
Hello everyone
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Uncletee Sep 11, 03:13 PM

lol.. did u just say her contact will be made available? like people have time to be sending e-mails just bcox they want to be friends wkth her..don't forget that people set up facebook acct with their pictures and even contact information..
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Kifayat isah Sep 12, 12:53 PM
Am interested
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Zee Abdul Sep 12, 09:30 PM

her contact being available is her choice.. but the way things are moving especially in our country i dont think its a good idea to just attract strangers. many bad people roaming the country. just my personal opinion though
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Abdulmajid 007 Sep 13, 05:49 AM
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Falmata Goni Bukar Sep 15, 09:34 PM

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