lets Talk about relationship
Anonymous May 26, 10:39 PM

lets Talk about relationship 1

let TALK about What You Love & You Hate In Relationships. I Love The Honey Stage. When Both The Energy Is High. I Hate It When am Misunderstood, And Can't Be Allowed to Clear my self ....... what about you ?


Muhammad Musa Muhammad May 27, 12:17 PM
same thing with you. ka bawa mutum Dama yyi expressing kansa
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Anonymous #1 May 29, 08:21 AM
I love to be cared for nd also love the honey stage I love when we both are having amazing and funny conversation I hate when u will be busy without u telling me I hate to be disappointed and misunderstood
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Anonymous #1 May 29, 08:53 PM

Thank u buh am a female
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Anon Lady May 29, 11:11 PM

Allah ya baki miji Nagari yar ruwa
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Anonymous #1 May 30, 05:26 AM

Ameen thumma ameen,nagode da addu'ar kema allah ya azurtaki da miji nagari.
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Anonymous May 31, 06:48 PM

wow.I Feel like I can't Have This with Anyone Anymore.. I Hope you Have it. if you do charish it Work On keeping it For Ever
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Anonymous May 31, 08:41 PM

because after my last breakup ....I take sometime and Heal, Then start to Meet new People But I Still Can't Have That Affinity.
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Anonymous #1 May 31, 09:07 PM

I can understand how u feel coz i also passed through the pains,but alhamdulillah am getting healed nd already with sm1 now,so just try to unburden ur hrt i know it's difficult but with prayer's everything will be fyn insha allah
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Anonymous #1 May 31, 09:18 PM

Never mind i pray may allah subhanahu wata'ala provide u with a god fearing,caring nd lovely wife insha allah
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Abdillahi Shuaibu Jun 13, 01:23 PM
Mu dai Singles bari muyi ta karanta comments­čśü
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