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Khaz Nov 11, 12:06 PM

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Hello, please I'm looking for a female friend in Abuja. Someone I can have as a close friend, see frequently and hangout out together between the ages of 20-25. I don't keep much people so I don't really have anyone I see or talk to, I also don't have a sister. I want to be going out with a friend, sharing things and talking about everything there is


MssKulthoum Nov 11, 12:37 PM
Allah sarki Allah ya baki nima banida friends but I do come to Abuja lokaci zuwa lokaci
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Khaz Nov 11, 01:35 PM
MssKulthoum Nov 11, 01:37 PM

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Nasssss9 Nov 11, 02:58 PM
Its not gona be easy but you will find one insha Allah!
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_hafsieey_moha Nov 11, 04:33 PM
we can be friends
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Ummeetaa Nov 11, 04:42 PM
Allah ya hadaki da nagari
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Khaz Nov 11, 04:54 PM

Allah sarki
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Kurfee Nov 11, 04:54 PM
Hello where do you live? we can be friends if you don’t mind😊
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Khaz Nov 11, 04:55 PM
Khaz Nov 11, 04:56 PM

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Khaz Nov 11, 04:56 PM

Amin Nagode
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_hafsieey_moha Nov 11, 05:00 PM

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Mie mie Nov 11, 05:20 PM
Hey Khaz, we can be friends if you don’t mind😊
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Khaz Nov 11, 05:38 PM
Khaz Nov 11, 05:39 PM
Mie mie Nov 11, 05:51 PM

so how will we do about it?? it won't be convenient here in the comment section 😅
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_hafsieey_moha Nov 11, 05:58 PM

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Mie mie Nov 11, 06:19 PM

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Nasssss9 Nov 11, 07:46 PM

My pleasure
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Saadah abdulsalam Nov 11, 08:14 PM
hi we can hangout i stay in abuja
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Kurfee Nov 11, 08:20 PM
mezai hana ayi fixing date wa’enda muke a Abuja mu fita ko kuwa ya kuka gani?
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Anonymous #1 Nov 11, 08:33 PM
Adda am Nov 11, 08:37 PM
Masha Allahu gane nan and I promise you that everything will be well my dearest friend wallahi Saboda ke kawai yanzu na yi downloading app in nan i saw it on ig na dade inna addu’a allah ya bane Kawa wanda we can share our problems with her and find d solution amman babu🥺Yau kam na samu Insha Allah.
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Adda am Nov 11, 08:38 PM
Khaz Nov 11, 08:43 PM

hello and how do I reach you? can you give your IG handle or something?
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Saadah abdulsalam Nov 11, 08:46 PM

yea sure here's my IG handle acha-empire
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Khaz Nov 11, 08:46 PM
Kurfee Nov 11, 09:27 PM

so ya za'ayi yanxu kenan?
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Kurfee Nov 11, 10:51 PM

i will search saadah on IG then sai na karba handle naki
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