a never ending love
Anonymous Sep 14, 10:45 PM

a never ending love 1

I just want a woman that if i take away every good and bad things in her, I will still love and cherish her...😔


Mimie Sep 14, 11:00 PM
Allah ya baka ita toh
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Anonymous #1 Sep 14, 11:27 PM
irin ku breakup zeyi affecting dinka sosai because you put so much expectations
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Anonymous #2 Sep 15, 12:01 AM

As a man, i can put 100% on a woman. women can be trusted unlike men so don't discourage him
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 05:53 AM
you’ve found her then 😉
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Falmata Goni Bukar Sep 15, 06:54 AM
Then allah yahada ku idan alkhairi ce agareka
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Goodgirl Sep 15, 11:00 AM
This is also what I am looking for, please let’s talk privately
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Fatima Muhammad husain Sep 15, 11:59 AM

exactly.....pls keep praying for that cause u will get it
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Fatima Muhammad husain Sep 15, 12:02 PM
I hope I can get that type too, because heartbeat is becoming something else.....Allah ya ba kowa rabon sa
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Kifayat isah Sep 15, 01:49 PM
I think u have a good point there but u must have patience since everyone is also wishing good for themselves Good luck
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Anonymous Sep 15, 05:36 PM
Anonymous Sep 15, 08:25 PM

com out lets connect
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Anonymous #4 Sep 15, 08:53 PM

the problem here is we don't know who is who and if one is safe
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Anonymous Sep 15, 09:06 PM

isn't that what we are here for, to connect
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 09:39 PM

i will... but first tell me the three things you would like to have in common with your loved one.
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 09:47 PM

ohhh.... goody. here's another one! 😊 what are your long term goals/plans?
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Anonymous Sep 15, 09:58 PM

to be able to carter for myself, my family and live a happy life
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 10:01 PM

beautiful...... what makes you happy? like truly happy
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Anonymous Sep 15, 10:04 PM

good food, money and peace of mind
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 10:11 PM

perfect.... are you on the matchmaking part of this?
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 10:17 PM

😢. okay
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Anonymous Sep 15, 10:19 PM

okay just give me a clue of contacting u
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 10:22 PM

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Anonymous Sep 15, 10:23 PM

okay hw do I reach u dia
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Zee Abdul Sep 15, 10:30 PM

yes you are right, anyone that wants to connect should do that via the matchmaking section. this is a public forum and i saw the admin also warned against that.
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 10:34 PM

choose a post on this page... leave a clue.
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