Looking for poetic lady
Anonymous Sep 8, 09:33 PM

Looking for poetic lady 8

I just need a lady from this platform with above mentioned quality.


Zee Abdul Sep 9, 12:22 PM
what's the catch?
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Muflida Sep 9, 03:18 PM
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Sa'eed muhammad Sep 9, 04:44 PM

creative poetry
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Anonymous Sep 9, 05:44 PM

11 digits please. Will like to tell you that through your DM
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Ayesha audu Sep 11, 01:10 AM

If its something good, why not mention it this is a public place you can't just expect ladies to drop their phone numbers for you. haka kawai
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Anonymous Sep 11, 12:41 PM

I just wanna take us to another level. I just wanna meet someone so creative like a poet.
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Kifayat isah Sep 12, 12:51 PM
what do you want
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Anonymous Sep 12, 06:35 PM

Halal Relationship....
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Kifayat isah Sep 12, 08:33 PM

That's outstanding u have good intentions
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Kifayat isah Sep 12, 08:39 PM

what do u have in mind
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Zee Abdul Sep 12, 09:33 PM

From poetry to halal relationship? if its matchmaking you want why not register on the matchmaking part of this app?
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Anonymous #1 Sep 14, 09:31 PM
I want a woman that will lead to halal relationship but I don't even have fund to register for a matchmaker
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Anonymous #2 Sep 16, 11:23 PM

If you can't afford the registration then how can you afford the Marriage and cater for your home?
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Ummi1 Oct 7, 08:51 AM

god why do I find this funny πŸ˜‚
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Anass ismaeel Oct 10, 07:33 AM
aslm I need a serious relationship a with serious.
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Mohammed Sani Abubakar Oct 15, 04:44 AM

Aisha matar kwarai
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Ayesha Abdullahi Oct 15, 10:11 AM

Aslm I’m new to this platform my name is ayesha abdul from maid
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Ayesha Abdullahi Oct 15, 03:35 PM
which kind of quality u didn’t mentionπŸ˜‚
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Anonymous Oct 16, 05:47 PM

Who are you referring to? πŸ™„πŸ€”
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Ayesha Abdullahi Oct 16, 06:30 PM

never mind 😏
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Ibrahim Adam Alfijir Oct 17, 10:27 PM

this is harsh he is been fair and sincere over everything dont make it difficult or trying to discourage those interested
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Eeshaq Oct 22, 01:20 AM
just beautiful lady but graduate , tall slim and fair in complexion 30yrs below
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Ayesha muhammad Oct 24, 10:13 PM
are u into poetry, that u are in search of a poetess. Allah ya baka ita, idan itace mafi alkhairinka.
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Dr Jiddah Oct 25, 01:55 PM

hello Mohammed
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