If you are in relationship and have feelings for someone than read this
Anonymous Nov 5, 11:26 PM

If you are in relationship and have feelings for someone than read this 1

I recently met someone and was telling me that there's a guy that happened to be her friend and suddenly he began to involve flirty stuff in their friendship relationship, she asked him to stop because she is in a relationship with someone but he was convincing her that she didn't marry to him and she should just dump the other guy let him be her boyfriend too. This is not good at all, because she accepts to cheat on her boyfriend by dumping him and being with this one that's advising her what do you expect next? I guess he'll never wish to be cheated too, and he won't accept to be an option in her life by accepting other guys after she accepts to be with him and I'm very sure that one day he's gonna dump her too. Girls, please stop letting guys be confusing you, if you think there's no certainty on having 1 man then who assured you that you're having certainty on having many? Likewise to men, so please be grateful for what you're blessed with it happens to have feelings on someone when you're in a relationship but it's very dangerous to let such feelings keep confusing you. If you think that the one you start to fall in love with and you're in a relationship with someone then ask yourself, what's missing in your relationship? What did you want from your partner? Figure out any little issue in your main relationship and worked on them with your partner to build a happy relationship but if you're willing to leave the relationship and be with the recent one I recommend that you should just break up with your main guy first before hooking up with the recent one. Remember, there's no perfect partner nor relationship we're the ones that are responsible to create them.


Anonymous #1 Nov 11, 07:53 PM
It takes an honest person to do that, honesty is very scanty in our current society, people believe that cheating and cutting corners unethically makes them smart. its one of the signs of the end times.
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