Nigeria my country
Double signal Sep 3, 01:22 PM

Nigeria my country 0

I really wana knw if we have leaders that care about us or if they think we are not worth like we are living like animals this days faa (no offence please). U will see this community or religion attacking the other community and they will attack back, and it keeps going and our leaders aren't taking much innocent person that has never seen 1m in his/her life will be abducted and they will demand 100m and the government will not even knw it happened talkless of assisting...honestly i don't knw if we truly have leaders that are worth leading us...I Rest my case


Hannerh Sep 3, 08:42 PM
welcome to Nigeria, a country that has no implementation of law. Corruption has occupied every soil and corner, what do you expect from a country like that? that's how we will continue to live and just see what happens next.
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Double signal Sep 4, 10:47 PM
Subhanallah...May the Almighty make everything easy for us..i've lost just living with the belief that anything can happen at anytime...Allah ya karemu
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