Rising insecurity in the North
Anonymous Aug 24, 04:12 PM

Rising insecurity in the North 0

People are collectively not giving this the attention it deserves. In social media ba'a maganar abun sosai. likewise our local malams and traditional rulers are not raising alarm on it. what's really the problem is this how we will continue to live? you will not know how deadly it is until someone close to you is abducted. My neighbor was kidnapped last week in Zaria. Its scary just 1 house between us. I am really feeling scared but the general public is not ready to do anything about it.


Anonymous #1 Aug 24, 04:53 PM
It will keep happening if people believe the Government will ever do anything about it, until we all become victims directly or indirectly. The security agencies that are responsible to attack the bandits are the major stake holders. Especially the Nigerian army. so they will not really do anything to kill their Milking cow.
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Hannerh Aug 31, 12:30 PM
No where is safe. for the bandits to carry operation inside NDA. its a big disappointment. The government is just the one doing it
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Double signal Sep 3, 01:14 PM
Nothing is surprising me anymore after all we are living in a zoo nation...the animals are leading us the people it is vice versa compare to the animal kingdom!!
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