Is it okay to stay with your step sister in the same room?
Anonymous Jul 29, 08:14 PM

Is it okay to stay with your step sister in the same room? 0

Me and my step sister are travelling to Abuja to do some documentation and we have to lodge in a hotel within the city for 2 days before we finish and then return. I was thinking idan munje kowa ya dauki different room or the same room at least to save cost (The hotel that I want to lodge is 17k per night).


Ayesha audu Jul 29, 09:08 PM
I hope you know that your step sister is not your Muharram. Islamically she is suppose to be covered in your presence so I think you should take separate rooms and pay double.
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Anonymous #2 Jul 29, 11:25 PM
it depends. few years back i have slept with my sister in a hotel on the same bed while we were on flight transit and it was normal. but she's my biological sister not step sister there is a difference. I agree with Ayesha Audu's opinion.
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S.B Jul 30, 12:03 AM
Brother is not proper Islamically. Even if she is your biological sister you’re all mutual enough not share a room together. To avoid anything bad to happen don’t try it. You know there’s temptation. Allah ya tsare mana imani. Ameen
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Double signal Jul 31, 08:07 PM
Gaskiya i honestly oppose this...i think you should opt for different rooms..u might trust urself and stuffs but the devil can be very powerful at times...or rather look for a cheaper hotel!!
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Anonymous #1 Aug 1, 12:38 AM
If I was you i'd save (34k is money to me) i'd take the same room with her. She's my step sister whats there? Just that people always like to assume something bad when it involves the opposit gender. Not everyone is a pervert please. The decision is up to you though, you know yourself and your relationship with her
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Anonymous #1 Aug 1, 12:39 AM
Really so someone cannot be in the same room with his step sister without thinking about sexual contact? Haba what has this world turn into. Mutane kawai sun lalace.
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Double signal Aug 15, 10:30 AM
Bawai haka bane faa..Kawai idan dai duk kun will be better to sleep in different rooms..u guys will need privacy..bama yanxu has always been like this for people with sense...!
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