My wife broke my phone screen after checking it. what should i do?
Anonymous Jun 27, 04:18 PM

My wife broke my phone screen after checking it. what should i do? 1

my wife has been spying on my chats which i told her openly that i do chat with some females that i just consider friends and colleagues. I left my phone unlocked yesterday and she picked up and read our chats after then she smashed the phone and the screen completely broke. I told her to go and fix it for or its over between us. i will not tolerate this type of behavior. she swore that she will not fix it. am i being extream for saying that because if there is anything i think we can have a conversation about it not by violence or destruction of properties. after all there was nothing bad in the chats just casual talk and general conversations. she is hot tempered and i am uncomfortable with that. please advice me on what to do.


Ummammar Jun 28, 06:36 PM
Poster you need sat her down & talk to her,tell you want you guys to talk like 2 matured adult,tell her your not comfortable with her smashing your & plss next time she feel like she's been wronged she should talk to you about it not going around breaking things & I think at these junction if your a man who has intention of marrying More than one wife then do not sugarcoat it just be plain with her,tell if your ready to date or marry she will be the first person to know but for now she should be calming down & poster assured her how much u luv & value her but & if it is possible please avoid unnecessary chat wit the opposite gender ko don sanity din matarka
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Anonymous #1 Jul 10, 02:30 AM
It's disrespectful of you to have chats with female friends and colleagues. Or is it acceptable to you of she does same?
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