Giving up
Anonymous Jun 24, 08:23 PM

Giving up 0

I don't know the type of ladies the guys wants on this platform. Me I've given up already?Im going to jejely delete my account,I think it will be better.


Anonymous #2 Jun 24, 11:21 PM
Why will you give up.. Same thing applies to the female on the platform. But you should be patient and don't give up. Good things come to patient ones.
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Ayesha audu Jun 25, 08:00 PM
Please be a bit more patient because i am sure there is no harm in keeping your profile so pray about it. maybe your suitor is yet to join. who knows???
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Double signal Jun 26, 09:40 AM
Be patient..Good things come to those who wait..
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Ayesha audu Jun 27, 08:41 AM
There is no private chat on this website. If its anything pertaining this post its better we discuss it here.
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Anonymous #1 Jun 29, 09:30 PM
Ok. I just want us to know each oda, ko Allah zai sa adace.
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Syninah Oct 7, 02:04 AM
Wlh am so tired of relationships,I don’t know what’s the problem huh!! Is it from me ne ko from the men oho GOD have mercy on us!!
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