Advice to potential suitors on arewaup matchmaking
Anonymous Jun 24, 06:08 PM

Advice to potential suitors on arewaup matchmaking 2

Some people get angry when the potential suitor loses interest after exchanging pictures. I think there's no reason to be angry as everyone has a certain physical qualities he or she is looking for in a spouse. To avoid that, then u should upload ur picture, that way someone will only send a request or accept a request if he or she likes what he or she is seeing. But provided ur picture isn't there, then u have no right to be angry if someone loses interest after seeing ur pic. And for ladies, avoid uploading a pic with heavy makeup cux someone might be in love with the person in makeup and loses interest after seeing the real up.. It's just an advice sha


Anonymous #1 Jun 25, 06:41 PM
Good advice
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Ayesha audu Jun 25, 07:59 PM
You're right because when a person upload's his picture, a potential suitor can make a better decision before even sending a request. its not all about profile details atimes the details of someone may intrigue you but their physical looks don't and vice versa. Having a picture and description gives a complete picture of you and saves time from wasteful communication.
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