Im concerned
Anonymous May 28, 01:07 PM

Im concerned 1

Hello Good people i have a problem..i have a girlfriend,we love each other like craze, we can't spend an hour without talking and honestly she's the only i loved for the past 4years and i was the only one she loved and care about too...but my only problem is that she's always acting like she doesn't have class. She always talk to any man that talk to her,not for relationships though and i hate it..i want her to be classy and tough to talk to and we honestly love each other..Plss advice on what to do like should i be ok with it or should i talk to her about it...i want opinions plss!! ❤


Saudat Mansur May 28, 06:53 PM
U should talk to her
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Anonymous May 28, 08:23 PM
Alryt tanx but do u think wat she's doing is ok?
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Anonymous #1 May 28, 10:37 PM
I don't think she has done anything wrong I think she's just trying to be humble and not a snub or rude since you said it isn't for relationship atleast you know that, if you want her to be classy talk to her about it calmly and make her understand what you mean by classy.
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Saudat Mansur Jun 3, 11:27 PM
Is not ok,but u have to take it easy
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Syninah Jun 5, 07:17 PM
Then u should talk to her about it ,I think she will adjust.
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Asiya Muhammad Aliyu Jun 8, 11:56 PM
Just tell her dat u re not okay with her over human relationship
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Ummammar Jun 28, 06:44 PM
As a lady i will not be talking to anybody anyhow,so talk to her about it,but be diplomatic let it not come as if your condemning her & better still why not Wait till try it again wen you guys are together then you can tell her to mellow down a bit on how she talked to people,tell her islamically her voice is an aura which is only meant for her man,just use tactics but guy do not mention dat not being classy when talking oo hmmm if not topic go change
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Anonymous #2 Aug 22, 12:53 AM
Ahhh if you really love her tell now, that you don’t like that show her that you are too jealous to see her talking to someone
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