Please is there anything that can be done about this?
Anonymous May 8, 04:21 PM

Please is there anything that can be done about this? 0

Salaam, i am asking this to those that have the knowledge. is it possible to prevent a woman from having periods forever. i got married 4 months ago and i can't stand my wife when she has this thing. The first time we were sleeping on the same bed when she had it i was so angry the blood spilled on my body it felt irritated i stayed away from her for the whole day day and she later apologized and we continued out lives but whenever she has it i just feel like i don't want to be around her or even eat her food sometimes i buy food from outside and just tell her i have already eaten outside without telling her the reason because i dont want to offend her. I was thinking recently if there is a way to completely stop a female from having that thing. Thanks


Ameerahh May 8, 05:47 PM
by Allah i’m soo angry as i’m typing this?? you’re doing that???? that’s the habit of the jews (yahudawa) wait! you want children right?? so definitely that must happen for your wife to get pregnant, ya Allah i’ve so much to say regarding this question??🙄are you even a muslim??? It is also rin the Sahih that Aishah said, "While having the menses, I used to eat from a piece of meat and give it to the Prophet who would eat from the same place I ate from. I used to have sips of a drink and would then give the cup to the Prophet who would place his mouth where I placed my mouth.'' that was what the prophet used to do and I don’t need to tell you that when it comes to cleanliness you can’t match the prophet (SAW) right?? I seek refuge in Allah from having someone like you as a husband
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Anonymous #1 May 8, 10:43 PM
Innalillahi wa inna ilaihir rajiun, Mr poster menstrual cycle is not a disease but it's a normal and a must for every fertile woman to undergo monthly, that's how Allah created every fertile woman, I'll advice you pray to Allah to help you to start accepting and appreciate your lovely wife because if that's a problem you have with your wife then fisabillah she's flawless, it's part of what Allah created for every woman to undergo, if you continue toh ka na dai con zarrafin matar ka, Astagfirullah the same way you find her disgusting during her monthly circle is the same way Allah will find you too, please try and accept it the way it is, if you like marry hundreds of woman they will still menstruate, Allah ya sa mudace
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Abdourl 12 May 9, 06:13 PM
Subhanallah, sounds like you're toxic husband. Obviously this is the act of Jews, what's her fault here? Do you ever loved her? Are you really practicing the teaching of Islam? You're muslim man, adopt the teaching of Islam in your daily activities please. The prophet (S.A.W) used to cuddles his wives even if they're on their mensuration, he used to eat their food, talk to them and even play with them, only sexual intercourse is forbidden between spouses at that stage, apart from that everything is permissible. May Allah guide us to the right path.
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Anonymous May 10, 12:40 AM
I have seen your replies and there is something to learn from it but you don't have to sound harsh or call me names. I saw the post on Instagram and for those that insulted me its okay but just know that I am asking about something that bothers me and i needed find a solution also i have no where to ask apart from this forum that i see can be helpful. I know about menstruation and Islam has mentioned women are impure in that condition so bad that they cannot pray and do some acts of worship but I did not know it is monthly i thought its something that happens a times which doesn't exceed a day not on a monthly schedule. but my wife has it for about 3 - 4 days every time. for those of you asking how i did not know? how am i suppose to know i am a man and for 26years of my life I have never went trying to find out about a female body nor is it in my type of discussions or interest. like how am i suppose to know these things? is it because people of these days are fond of sexual topics so everyone is expected to know? i am not that type of person and i have never even touched a lady for any sexual thing until i got married so how am i suppose to know all these things. so i just wake up and start researching about women and how their reproductive organs work? it has never crossed my mind and my wife never told me about it before we got married. we met just after the lock down in July and got married in January she has never for once told me that she has this thing and i was irritated about the blood staining me after 2 weeks of our marriage she apologized and told me its not her fault but i was thinking why did she not tell me all along that she also use to have it. Anyway I have done some research yesterday and I know about it now. I will try to adapt and see what I can do. lastly for those that insulted me on Instagram comments I hope one day you get the same thing you did to me when trying to ask for help or advice.
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Ameerahh May 10, 09:46 AM
dear poster, you know what made us angry? it is the fact that you said when it spilled on you you were so angry with your wife🤧you never have had sisters?? and now that you said you don’t have such topics to know about it, what about FIQHU??? you never studied that??? i’ll say this and i’ll repeat it, that’s never an excuse? when the blood spilled on you first you were supposed to be caring (assuming you don’t have knowledge on it) like, a whole blood is coming out of your wife!!! nah! but you got angry💔thus means that you knew what it was!!!! so stop giving all these silly excuses!!!!!!
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Anonymous May 10, 12:57 PM
Let me be very frank, what i don't understand is that other females animals also give birth but they don't have periods why is it only ladies that have this blood. i am still wondering and trying to come up with an explanation for myself. i have lost interest in women i saw in some places it can take up to a week for the blood to be dripping. I did not know about this before i got married honestly i loved women and thought they were clean attractive creatures but i was wrong. oh my God, wallahi i am loosing interest in women and i don't know what to do. my wife is a kind person that i want to be with all the time but this period just irritates me, the blood and general impurity attached to it which Islam mentioned just freaks me out. I am really confused right now because i have to make a decision.
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Anonymous #2 May 10, 06:42 PM
Okay there is 1 thing you can do to stop her period permanently but she will not be able to give birth. When she is around 100 days pregnant use henna to abort the pregnancy and Thank me later.
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Anonymous #3 May 11, 02:46 PM
Hasbunallahu wa ni’imal wakeel, please can you go and say this to your mom?? pleaaasee just try it, just tell her that this period of a thing irritates you and that you can’t stand women when they’re on their period!!!!!!! well, i’ve a solution for you, why don’t you go and marry a woman who is in her menopause (40+ years) then you can enjoy I actually pity your wife! I pray Allah gives her the courage to pass this test of marrying someone like you and let me tell you, what you are doing is just making you behave like a jew. if you wish you can continue but mind you Allah is all hearing and seeing all that you’re doing and certainly your punishment is coming!! better go back to Islamiyya ok? it’s never too late for that
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