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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah. I was once an porn addict since when i was in jss1. Which one of my classmates taught me how to watch and download porn Barely a day pass without me masturbating twice or three times daily which Unarguably i suffered alot mentally, spiritually and even my health After 10 to 11 years of being an victim I kept on asking myself how do i stop this stupid behavior of mine. Alhamdulillah I'm not an victim anymore for the past one way i haven't masturbate nor watch porn. Alhamdulillah i love my new lifestyle..and i'm always begging Allah for forgiveness What i did to be an porn addict VICTIM free? 1. I prayed 2. Ask Allah for forgiveness 3. Fast Mondays and Thursdays 4. Had it at the back of my mind that i am now a change person 5. Stifle anything what could make me think of masturbating i.e i don't watch films, that might make me go in the mood, i don't view pics nor video that might make me go in the mood.block anyone that i see that's trying to bring anything sensitive into my wall or timeline Lastly, to the porn addicts i advise u stop..saboda wallahi kuna chutan kanku ne. Stop having the doubt of ina so na dena. Amma na kasa Zaka iya/ zaki iya Allah sa mu dace


Anonymous Apr 29, 11:15 PM
One year**
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Hannerh Apr 30, 01:10 PM
Ameen. such a positive post. please are you male or female?
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