I need your prayers/advise
Anonymous Apr 26, 04:06 PM

I need your prayers/advise 0

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..good day to you all. when i'm willing to date a girl. I love her with all my heart So i was into a relationship with this lady sometimes back around 2016 from gombe ..we loved each other sosaii around 2019 i went to her place..and we were gisting..all of a sudden i dunno what came to her mind she willingly gave me her phone and said Pls go true my WhatsApp chats..i declined her request..buh she insisted..i then accepted I then didn't checked her whatsapp..and went straight up to her Instagram and Facebook Sincerely what i saw wasn't funny.. Hitherto what i saw is still shocking me..as in this lady has been dating several guys..and be meeting them up for (romance)kisses and hugs. I pretended like i never log into her Facebook nor Instagram..i only checked whatsapp as she requested I have been trying to force myself to forget what i saw..but i couldn't to the extend that i requested for an breakup..she asked why i explained everything to her She apologized and i forgave her..the problem Hitherto is that i can't forget what i saw.. am finding it difficult to trust her


shamsu Don Apr 27, 04:28 PM
W salaam. I think the issue is that if even if you decide to forgive her and continue with the relationship, in the future you will still have thoughts of distrust about her. Trust is something that once broken, it cannot be sealed again. so the decision is on you, whether you will go and find someone you can trust again or proceed. Though you know her more than us you can make a better decision given the facts.
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Ayesha audu Apr 28, 02:28 AM
Yes once trust is broken, some people find it hard to trust that same person again so if he feels like he cannot trust her 100% its better he finds someone he can trust but if he feels like she can still be trusted i think he should forgive and continue with the relationship. no one is perfect sometimes when we make mistakes a correction and support is what a person needs to change and become a better person.
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