Please I need your dua
Anonymous Apr 15, 03:10 PM

Please I need your dua 0

Please help me with dua I have been battling with jinns problem,I need you guys to pray for me to be healed from them & also please pray for me i find a righteous spouse..thank you


Anonymous #1 Apr 17, 02:29 PM
May Allah make it easy for you and heal you completely
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Anonymous #2 Apr 27, 11:28 PM
You should make it a habit to make azkar morning, afternoon, evening and night. There are healing verses of the Qur'an called ayatush Shifaa get them and be reciting them on a regular basis. It's in your hands, it starts with you you must take control You must be willing to help your self and you will be fine insha Allah. make sure you don't forget your azkars at all cost because it is a shield that protects you from all harm. I ask Allah to heal you and who so ever is in critical condition ameen
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