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Anonymous Mar 28, 08:34 AM

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Please brother's try and knw ur family culture, if they allow u to marry different tribes frm different states, cuz wat is trending is dat a Muslim frm northwest can't get married to northeast and we re all muslims. I dnt understand its nw marriage btw same states. Pls we should be able to knw for the ladies cuz dat the problem have been having. Let find solutions and avoid story of the heart, its hurt after dating for long thr mom will be like u can't marry her cuz ur nt frm same state or local government


Anonymous #1 Mar 30, 09:48 AM
This is surprising and silly, so because you are not from the same state you can't marry someone??? toh shikenan se su aje yaran su a gida suyi ta kallon su. What matters is the character of the person she's marrying but some of these old people will never think beyond some petty sentiments.
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