Relationship issues
Anonymous Mar 22, 07:45 PM

Relationship issues 0

Hello,please i am in need of serious assistant i am in a relationship with a lady that i met on this platform that lead us now to marriage proposals but we r seriously having issues of argument mostly everything i brings to her is not OK for her it will become a problem and she will be shouting at me on phone although we are not closer to each other now but am seriously afraid if it will be the same thing after our marriage because i even complain to the platform before now please i am in need of advises because the wedding is December .


Anonymous #1 Mar 22, 07:56 PM
Okay, i think if you are having too much misunderstanding with someone it is an indication that you are compatible. If you feel like she is not grateful for what you are doing for her i am sure there are others that will appreciate it. Whatever issue you see before marriage don't assume it will change after the marriage. I am not saying you should just breakup but think about it and make a decision perhaps there is more to the story da kila baka fada ba.
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Anonymous #3 Mar 23, 12:35 AM
Salam ........please try and get to know each other before the marriage
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Anonymous Mar 23, 06:23 AM
Anonymous #2 Mar 25, 02:57 PM
Slm please clear your misunderstanding before marriage it's better to separate now than after marriage I always regret the fact that 2-3weeks before my marriage I start realizing changes in the man iam about to marry but didn't consider it as a problem until after marriage which reveals to me that he is mentally unstable at the end after 8months of marriage iam a divorcee. So please clear your misunderstanding, clear your misunderstanding, clear your misunderstanding if it can not be cleared it's better to separate now
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