It's normal to feel this?
Anonymous Mar 8, 05:41 PM

It's normal to feel this? 0

I'm in my early 20s but I'm into older girls, I'm so confused about this because I don't see any possibility of having any of them neither in relationship nor being a spouse to any of them. I tried as much as I can to stop thinking this way but I've found it so difficult, I prayed to stop crushing on any older woman or my age mates but nothing has changed. As I keep being in touch with most of them, I realized that majority of Arewa girls have one perspections, they believed that an older men are more responsible and caring than the younger ones and majority of them make it obvious to me that they can't accept any younger man or their age mates expect one who's older than them with the minimum of 5 years. I believe men are always men irrespective of their ages, but having a one with less anger issues, who can understand you and treat you right is a blessing and priceless not number of age. Please advise me on how to stop thinking this way, it's killing me deeply since I have no hope on my desires ?


Ummammar Mar 9, 03:10 PM
Dear poster its totally OK for you to feel this way,ur not in anyway abnormal,& i believe with time you will surely meet someone who your made for & she's made for you either old or young wen the time comes you will surely feel at peace & you guys will complete each other InshaAllah.all the best poster
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Jameelat Suraj Mar 10, 08:46 PM
Dear poster this is not what you can worry for age is just a number definitely there will be someone with the same thought as yours an old women interested in her younger ones so keep searching he who tries always achieve 🙏
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Zee Abdul Mar 10, 10:13 PM
There are older women who are interested in young men, just that in our type of society does not welcome such. Its a preference and sometimes people are weird in their own way. Don't feel like u're abnormal but u have a preference thats differs from society norms. The fact that Arewa girls use age as a measuring tool in marriage is true amma that doesn't mean its correct, age is just a number kawai mentality din mutane ne. You'll see in developed parts of the world even among some celebrities the man can be younger that the woman and its normal. Even the prophet (saw) practised that.
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Anonymous Mar 11, 07:09 PM
You're absolutely right, but I'm not sure about possiblity of this. Since when I'm too young my friends used to propose to our juniors in secondary school and I was always like "Me zakuyi da yaran da kuka girma sosai? " I always prefer my age mates since then but I always failed, I already know that I'll never succeed but I don't think I can change the way I am but to keep trying till I meet someone who's meant to be mine.
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