I need advice pls
Anonymous Mar 3, 12:40 PM

I need advice pls 0

Assalamualaikum good morning everybody how are you doing how is everything? Pls admin keep me anonymous.... So I need your advice on this please I met a guy on this site on this arewamatchmaking the guy seemed cool at first like he actually loved me so I thought that maybe this is the guy for me but it wasn't like that, suddenly on one fateful night while you're chatting on WhatsApp this dude asked me to send him my nude picture that he is feeling somehow like his sexual urge that I should help me with my nude picture so that he will calm himself and I was like no gaskiya I can't do it saboda Ni ba Yar iska bace.... He got really mad and didn't even talk or chat with me for several days I also ignored him so now what should I do pls I need your advice.... Cos ever since he asked me to send my nude pic the love I have for him has reduced.


Arewa Up Mar 3, 02:49 PM
Ignore him forever and block him. Then Please report the guy immediately so that we can get rid of him. We don't tolerate such nonesense on our platform You can report him directly from his profile or send a whatsapp message to 08117424935. Thanks for your cooperation
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Saudat Mansur Mar 3, 10:47 PM
Just ignore him Allah zai kawo miki nagari
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