NAFEESA YUSUF Feb 27, 08:21 PM


I am just wondering and sick of it too.. anytime I talk with a guy or send a voice note through WhatsApp.... they always say my voice turn them on and wallahi I don’t change voice I don’t know what to do because I left a guy because of this... I thought he’s a bad guy, and yanxu abin na ta Kara yawa because is now any guy I met help me pls....


Anonymous #1 Feb 28, 07:49 AM
My dear sister, it's not your fault women generally are like that, I have came across people that said to me my voice is sweet. I can't help it because it's my nature that is how Allah SWT created me. But I try as much as possible not to change my voice even try to speak boldly especially when talking to strangers, because I like shagwaba a lot when am around my family so I know the tone of voice I use when am with my loved ones. As for the guy you are dating is very natural to turn him on because he is attracted to you especially if he loves you, some may shy away from hearing your voice always to avoid such situations, that is a sign of good guy you are not alone.
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NAFEESA YUSUF Feb 28, 10:10 AM
What u say is so true Wlh because yana US and we don’t even make call we just chat and stuffs, normal people kuma I don’t change voice but Is always like that... 🙏 thanks
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