How can I leave her in peace?
Anonymous Feb 17, 12:56 PM

How can I leave her in peace? 0

Ending of 2019, a girl proposed to me and we became friends. I used her a lot, slept with her and booked rooms several times to satisfy myself and she agreed because she was so into me. Just about a month ago she's fallen for so much and talking about marriage. I actually want to leave her now but I know she will feel miserable and I feel bad when I think of that. Whats the best way I can leave without breaking her heart into peices. I"l appreciate any advice.


Anonymous_#1 Feb 17, 09:09 PM
Both of you have committed a Sin, first of all repent. Then come to think of why you would leave her after using her, is she the type of person that's loosed with guys and you took advantage of that knowing it is wrong? You should have guided her to the right path. what you want to do is heartbreaking but I suggest you start fading away slowly and show your lack of interest, don't shun her at once. Make it a gradual process
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Anonymous Feb 17, 10:13 PM
No, she was not loosed with guys, actually she was a good girl. The main reason i am feeling bad is that i convinced her to be doing that. the first time i invited her somewhere to meet. i wanted to touch her but she declined and we both left then i stopped picking her calls, hankalin ta ya tashi so i told her she can't even make me happy why should i bother about her. that is when she let me to be sleeping with her, i could see it in her eyes, she didn't want to be doing it at first and it was her first time but we did it several times until i made her become used to it. I know i was not interested in her but i saw and opportunity to satisfy me self, i use to have urges at that time. I feel bad i know what i did was wrong that now i want to leave her and move on with my life. that's why i am guilty and don't want to hurt her. Thank you for your advice
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AnDex BlaQ Feb 17, 10:39 PM
You see her deemed fit to satisfy your lust but not as a wife material, some boys are pathetic, you better start loving that lady and do your possible best to marry her cause walahi this thing will turn back to you in the long run, you actually used her due to her been naive and trying to please you instead of her Lord Allah Ta’ala, seek repentance, talk to her also to seek repentance, teach yourself to start loving the little things about her, walk her through this phase, marry her and continue seeking forgiveness from Allah. May Allah Make It Easy for us all, Amin Thumma Amin.
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Zee Abdul Feb 18, 01:36 AM
Thats just what he should do, Marry her. Its not good gaskiya to use someone and dump because you would not like that to be done to you or someone in your family have some mercy in your heart.
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Aiesher sadiqq Feb 18, 02:07 AM
Its a good suggestion he marries her because he spoiled her. however it may not be the best because if he doesn't have genuine feelings for her they may end up having marital issues in the future
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Arc_Abba Feb 18, 08:35 AM
Dont be silly and pathetic man, you made her what she is today. Marry her and damn the consequences of your actions. All you did was satisfy your ego and selfishness, for once please be a man and do something for her. Please don't leave her like this. May Allah have mercy on you and all the ummah. Amin.
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Safiyah Ahmad Feb 18, 03:44 PM
Gaskiya abinda kayi be kamata ba, You messed up big time i won't lie to you imagine someone doing the same to you. Its not good.
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Anonymous_#2 Feb 18, 06:58 PM
Knows that you are a sinner you conflyed her in doing what's not right and you are not ashamed of what you did since your motive is just to dump her knows that Allah forgives those who from there mind, body and actions knows that they are wrong and seek for his forgiveness with clean heart mister the best solution here is you should marry her and both of you should seek Allah's forgiveness because you commit a great sin may Allah show us the right path and allow us follow it
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