am very scared of marriage ? how can I overcome it
Anonymous Feb 12, 06:55 PM

am very scared of marriage ? how can I overcome it 3

Hi I was married 4yrs back without knowing the man is mentally ill everything happened in a rush the first meeting to marriage happens in 2months time and we just meet once face to face the 2nd was during wedding (it's my qadr) I was treated very badly by him I was beaten up many times he slap me in any misunderstanding I suffered alot in those 8months before my parents got me separated from him though he didn't divorce me untill after I spent another 8months in my parents house saying he loves me he will not divorce my father threaten him of going to court before he handed the divorce paper now I really want to get married and am very afraid of been married again I use to feel why would I go back to that terrible life but deep down I feel I want my own home, my own family, I want to see my own children how can I overcome this ???


Aiesher sadiqq Feb 12, 10:23 PM
I feel for you sister, always put your mental health and wellbeing before marriage. If you happen to come across a good person that's willing to accept you why not? but the problem now is that only a few men a good, majority are womanizers and domestic abusers. make sure you understand the person in depth before marrying again please. Having a family with children is something people want but its not worth it to trade that for an abusive marriage. lastly not all men are the same, there are amazing men out there, you can pray to Allah to give you one.
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Anonymous_#1 Feb 13, 12:44 AM
So sorry dear may Allah subhanahu wata'ala bless you with the right one amin I love you so much can you mary me pls?
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iamHamid Feb 13, 06:41 PM
Dude are you serious? you don't even know her and kawai you are in love and ready to marry her. its all these fast marriages that keep crashing. Atleast get to know her first before even thinking of Marriage. Anyway back to your question. One of the problems our society is facing in this era is social vices which has corrupted our people. yanzu its very hard ka samu Miji na gari. Even as people babu tsoran Allah ko tausayi a society din mu yanzu. So generally speaking mutane sun lalace yanzu its unfortunate but keep in mind. Never let desperation get you back to an abusive marriage having a family and kids may not be worth it. protect your mental health first and pray to Allah for the best. May Allah grant you a wonderful husband.
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Anonymous_#1 Feb 13, 11:02 PM
Salamu alaikum ya aiki thanks for the advice tabani tausayi ne nikuma Naga in Dai Har tana sona to in sha Allah zanyi kokari in share Mata 😭 Allah yasa mudace amin
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Yusuf330 Feb 14, 02:40 AM
The best thing here to do is keep praying for the best and have faith in what ever u are doing , Allah will see u through
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Anonymous Feb 14, 07:45 AM
Thanks alot for the love and concern but I can not take this risk
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Anonymous_#1 Feb 14, 07:08 PM
OK no problem madam wish you all the very best
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Abdullahi hdj Feb 19, 09:04 PM
😢 I fill sorry for you,may allah bless you with good and righteous husband.
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