Need an advice please ASAP
Anonymous Jan 5, 08:11 PM

Need an advice please ASAP 0

Please what do u all think abt a female proposing to a male.Am currently in luv with a guy by I don't want to say anything to him yet bcs of our different way of thinking especially here in d north. Please what should I do,Note,been praying constantly abt it.


Anonymous #1 Jan 6, 03:32 AM
ki dage ku fara magana koda gaisawa ne idan bakwai magana. idan kuma already kuna magana then try as much as you can to start showing some little extra care and start sending alot of signals to him. But don't tell him you fall for him first, may be ma infatuation ne kike ji.
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Ayesha audu Jan 6, 09:41 AM
I think it depends on the person and his mindset but generally speaking in our type of society. its safer to be giving him hints and signs that you have feelings for him rather than proposing directly.
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iamHamid Jan 6, 09:45 AM
There is a possibility that he may accept or reject so you have to be ready for both but if you don't want the feeling of rejection just propose to him indirectly. And if you are ready for both outcomes then you can propose. you know yourself so you can decide.
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Hamis Ahmad Jan 6, 10:11 AM
Whenever Ladies are proposing to male they feel like they have to be accepted or else zasu ce ai guy din me kyauta ba. but if its them they reject guys without any tausayi. idan sune suke so suyi proposing nan zasu fara tunanin rejection. Men get rejected daily but that doesn't stop them from trying with another person. Females get rejected once and they start thinking "i'm never gonna do it again" how can he reject me and blah blah blah. Why is it so?
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Abdoullah Jan 27, 11:33 AM
i see nothing wrong. if you like him JUST DO IT!
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Ummammar Feb 8, 05:23 PM
Exactly,dear poster just tell him,u will be more at peace when u know your stand,I pray you find ur way out
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