Android or Iphone
Anonymous Dec 25, 07:17 PM

Android or Iphone 0

This has long been debated. I bet everyone has his/her own reason. Lets hear what each other reason is for choosing which. Mine is that Android (Note 20 Ultra) 1. The S pen is something else you have to try it to know it should be part of any phone where you can use it as a remote to snap pictures, sign documents or control your media content etc 2. Multitasking allows me use or open 5 n more applications in a pip screen which an iPhone can't 3. The battery life lasts me 1day n half 4. Reverse wireless charging allows me charge my other phone wirelessly 5. The camera is perfect n can even zoom at the moon 6. Samsung Dex allows me transfrm my phone to a computer n use a tv monitor 7. Expandable storage to 1terrabyt 8. Use of Google home to automate appliances 9. Google maps n Google sky applications


Abrar Idris Dec 26, 05:05 PM
I'll choose android over Iphone of the same price range. You will get more value for your money.
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