Auwal Kokara Dec 18, 07:09 AM

Confession 1

aslm,i have something that is troubling me in my intimate life i was married to one beautiful wife six years ago and we fruitfully blessed with two fine kids Alhamdulillah.But when ever i intend to to have intimate with he, if i want to reach my orgasm and have a maximum satisfaction i have to go far away and starting thinking of old girl friend imagining am doing it with her.In most occassion if did not have that kind of imagination i will not is detereoting i need your recomendation on how to curb this problem and i love my wife i dont know why this is happen to me it eating me, am i the only one this happens to❓ will that be a problem❓am waiting for your suggestion,recommendation and comment.THANKYOU


Yousuf May 3, 07:02 PM
If you truly love your wife, you must have forgotten old girl long ago after marriage. Start loving your wife genuinely, you'll forget. It's absurd, sorry to say.
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