Never been in a relationship
Anonymous Dec 7, 07:58 PM

Never been in a relationship 3

I am a lady in her early 30’s and has never been in a relationship before. I don’t know why men don’t approach me . I don’t know why most of them think that I am already married . When I asked my friend she said it’s because of the way I dress and that I am too quiet and that I don’t go out. It’s really making me insecure and feeling unwanted. What do I do to get a suitor? Now that my younger ones are getting married it’s making me more and more depressed. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for them but it makes me wonder when my turn will come.


Abdourl 12 Dec 8, 08:52 AM
This is sorrowful and I'm so sorry for how you've been dealing with your life like this. Honestly, you should never get rush for getting a suitor because everything in life comes to us in appropriate time but the best thing for you is to pray to the best of your ability and ask for the righteous partner that will love you than ever and treat you right, both your actions and intentions should be looking for the righteous man, don't get rush please. Many people get married regardless of their ages but they got married because it already written like this and yours will be commenced soon Insha Allah. Besides, about you've never been in relationship this is unusual but it happens to many people, I've even interact with few people like you and they finally got married, so never loose hope and never feel blue about this your time will definitely come insha Allah. Moreover, about you're dressing like a married woman, well, it might be one of the reason why you've never been approached, dressed decently don't dressed in such you'll attract wrong people but don't dressed as if you're married, but decently. A lot of people usually categorized some dress code for married women and if you're dressing in a such way majority of men might assume you as a married woman and it maybe one of reason why most of them are discouraged to approach you, but believe me a lot of men are there crushing on you but the most important thing is the right person that will treat you right, once you try to dress decently you'll wonder how men will be getting interacted with you with their proposals and that will be the chance for you to choose the best among them as you continue praying for the righteous one. There was one lady that has same story similar to yours, honestly she was always dressing as if she's married and she don't used to let men talk to her to the extent she got older enough without partner, as I adviced her about the dress code and how she supposed to treat men in few months she met love of her life and they already get married, you can also try match finder of ArewaUp platform if you're interested. I wish you a best partner than ever, pray and be patient please.
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Anonymous #1 Dec 8, 12:13 PM
Thanks lots sir, this advice is so uplifting, it has really made my entire day. You have actually killed two birds with a single stone. When I saw her story it was like my own writing but with a little difference, which motivated me to sign up. Jazakallah khair
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Abdourl 12 Dec 8, 03:11 PM
It's my pleasure ma'am, insha Allah you won't regret it and you should always be patient and pray for the righteous one. May Allah grants you and anyone there looking for a suitor with the righteous partner.
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Abubakar sabo Nalado Dec 8, 03:26 PM
Slowly but Surely just wait for your time
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iamHamid Dec 10, 12:42 PM
Given that you are above 30 and not married, i assume you have a lot of pressure from family to get married and that is the trap, this can make you marry the wrong person. My advice to you is don't let your emotions control you. remember its better not to get married than get married to the wrong person that can ruin your life and mental health. I hope you find someone very soon.
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