Men at 18 to 22 in relationship
Abdourl 12 Dec 5, 03:54 AM

Men at 18 to 22 in relationship 0

What's your view on this matter? It seems like most of men dating at the age of 18 to 22 are always left shattered, and it's obvious that 90% of the girls they've been dating will finally get married to someone else, but it really hurts when someone loose the one he have been dating since when he was 18-22 after many years. What's your advice to young men within 18-22 in relationship?


AnDex_Blaq Dec 5, 09:30 PM
This is a stage they should plan properly and prepare towards their future, no time to waste.
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Abubakar sabo Nalado Dec 8, 03:35 PM
18-22 Isn't the right time to be in a relationship
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Ahmad630 Dec 9, 11:56 AM
Serious relationship is absolutely unnecessary at that stage it's by far the best they focused on building a prosperous future for themselves than wasting their time and pocket money on what is bound to fail, there is always time for everything.
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