What was your most embarrassing moment?
Zee Abdul Dec 4, 10:52 PM

What was your most embarrassing moment? 1

Lets have some fun and share our embarrassing moment stories and cheer. Mine was, just yesterday I attended a wedding event and I fell down, the food & drinks I carried all spilled on me. So embarassing. I slipped on a banana pill ?. Please post yours


Abdourl 12 Dec 5, 03:38 AM
Lol, wlhy so embarrassing really. I just remembered one coincidence that happened when I was in secondary, I was passing by near one car wash centre on Monday trying not to late to school, but suddenly the watering pipe there breaks and drenched my uniform. It was so embarrassing to the extent that I became speechless and I decided not to be in school that day 😂😂😂
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Anonymous #1 Dec 5, 08:22 AM
Uhmm. Mine was the day I was coming down from a bike and the middle of my trouser tore. Kuma I had exams. That was how I managed. After the exams I bough jallabiya in a close by shop and continued my school activities.
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Anonymous #2 Dec 7, 10:11 AM
Similar thing happened to me last year, mun fito exams my high heels broke and I fell on stairs. 😶
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