The true about love
Anonymous Oct 12, 05:16 PM

The true about love 6

The truth about love When you are in love, you only see the nice things about that person. This is because the bad side isn’t revealed to you. But when you are married, you spend every second of your life together. You will be exposed to the good and the bad. It isn’t as pretty as it is in movies. I request you to put your life in perspective. It’s easy to rebel and defy Allah when you cannot see Him. It’s easy to choose someone you can see, assume that you have found the best part about life and tread on the borders of haram. The problem is that when you slip, no one will come to rescue you. No one except yourself. You’ll have to carry yourself and go to Allah because you will have nowhere left to go. It isn’t too late. You think you are in love right now. But ask yourself, how can something that doesn’t please Allah ever bring any good to your life? The time has come to understand this relationship you share with the person you think of as your lover.


QueenF Oct 12, 09:18 PM
You said it all 🙌God bless you
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Anonymous_#1 Dec 6, 02:19 AM
Let me add a little to what you said. When you're in love, it's a kick start button for intimacy. That's why the prophet s.a.w said to quickly get married two ppl who love each other. Cuz at that time, the only thing shaidan wants is for you to commit one of the major sins against Allah(T), ZINA. But the moment you get married and start getting rewarded for all that you do with your spouse, it angers him, he starts highlighting each others faults to you and hence you grow impatient, cuz divorce is the only halal act that angers our lord, shiyassa akace aure sai haquri, cuz it's a battle of it's own. And the prophet had advised us not to make decisions when in anger. So whenever you feel the urge cuz you love your partner, then choose wisely whom you want to obey! May Allah safeguard us all
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