Dear Insecure chubby sisters,
Anonymous Oct 9, 11:49 AM

Dear Insecure chubby sisters, 4

Been going through the comments on ArewaUp IG page. I've noticed some ladies commenting on mens' profile who are looking for "tall, fair and *slim* chick" asking what about us? The chubby and dark or short girls, who will marry us. Dear sisters, some men only care about looks and just want arm candy. They try to impress others at the cost of their desires. The bad news is, some slim chicks get fatty fat fat FYI after 1 baby, some even b4 having a baby, I wonder if they get replaced or stop being loved by those husbands. Don't forget, everyone is entitled to what they want too. I was a slim girl who became chubby and I've accepted my looks. Believe me, there are men out there who want to marry chubby ladies. But that shouldn't define you. Live your lives and don't let other people define you. Work on your intellectual capacity, your financial stability. Get hobbies, find your happiness and you'll exude confidence. That will attract good men, realistic men. Please do not depend your happiness on love however you look. And this, in my opinion will avoid depression. Salam.


Anonymous_#1 Oct 10, 10:44 PM
Dear poster...God bless you for speaking most of our minds...this made my day.
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Bashir Kurfy Oct 18, 07:41 PM
Anonymous Oct 18, 08:21 PM
Masha Allah.
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Anonymous_#1 Oct 24, 12:09 AM
Oh mashaAllah!
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