New body odor among people
Anonymous Sep 20, 09:07 PM

New body odor among people 0

I know this questions is really odd, but i just want to know if what i observed is true, just like 2 weeks ago i started having a body odor i never smelt before and usually banda body odor. i became paranoid actually but then i started smelling it on other people. ni dai har yanzu i am confused. idan na fita public na hadu da mutane especially idan sunyi zufa se inji exactly irin smell it. i don't know if anyone has experienced it. ba a fi 2 weeks ba da nayi noticing. please i need your answers to make sure i am okay. A new body odor among people.


Mr. Aulaz Oct 2, 10:37 AM
Uhmm I thought it was only me. Ni ma at first I panicked amma se na gane, onion smell ne. I still don't know why. kuma ina ji a jikin mutane.
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Zee Abdul Oct 20, 04:55 PM
Yes, this years onion has one kind of smell but im used to it already. It usually gets into your sweat and affect your body smell.
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