Anonymous Aug 31, 11:28 PM

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I and my husband where friends I didn't know he used to have a crush on me back then until when he got angry and stopped talking to me we reconnected again then made his intentions known towards me and told me about his past which I also I did...we both agreed to stay with each other and started building our home together and then he started to cut off all his flings he had but there is this particular one who has refused to move on and our wedding pictures has even gone viral......she keeps sending my husband texts messages with different numbers because he blocked all her numbers that she is the one who loves him and I used jazz to hook him and all she keeps even messaging me until I blocked her number this kind of girl is desperate and can even do anything to have my mai gida , he doesn't hide things away from me .....he even told me we have to be strong in our prayers because alot of pple do not want our marriage to work...we both had a church wedding and an Islamic wedding and also a court marriage.....all we do is ignore her dis kinda of girl can arrange for me to be kidnapped or something to be done to me can I tackle such a bipolar person .....



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