Dear Brothers in this forum
Humayrah Aug 1, 10:42 AM

Dear Brothers in this forum 4

Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullah. I wish you all the very best in your life my fellow Muslim Brothers. There is something I observed since I joined match making plat form and it's something that really happens now in the society. I know everyone has its taste but this issue is something that you have to consider. The prophet (SAW) said when choosing spouse you can go for background, beauty, wealth, but the best one is to go for someone that is religious. But I noticed that most I did not say all but 85% of the brothers are looking for a girl that is slim and fair. Am writing on behalf of all dark and chubby ladies out there who are looking for a good spouse. Then what will happen to us we that we are not fair and we are not talk. This is the reason why many of the sisters nowadays used to bleach there skin so the will find spouse or attract our brothers. And that is a reason some of our sister that are fair and slim will say that the will not marry someone who is poor because the see that most men are looking for fair and slim. Please we have to be guided there are so many dark and short sisters that are pretty and have moral background that you will make a perfect home together out there. I hope I did not torment anyone with my words and I hope there will be a certain change. Remember beauty lies in the heart of beholder and remember beauty used to fade with time. And marriage is not something that will finish easily, it's a long life matter. Thank you for your time.


Safiyah Ahmad Aug 2, 09:31 PM
i agree with you, i'm not on the matchmaking website but this is a common thing among some of our men in Arewa i know. Allah yasa mu dace.
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Anonymous_#1 Aug 2, 10:28 PM
Tnx for d observation sister. It isn't bad to have choices, we all have our taste but if one is doing something FISABILILLAH I think we should try to look at d beauty of d heart. Face, skin colour, shape,height and what so ever doesn't matter, inner beauty matters d most.So also d ladies, mu ma mu rage buri. Allah yasa mu dace.Amin
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an_chindo Aug 14, 04:16 PM
This is good observation. Well, no matter how fair and slim she is, as long as she lacks moral background and islamic education you will never have a good family that prophet PBUH will proud of hereafter, and I'm not saying men should stop chasing fair and slim girls but remember, when your spouse lacks moral background and islamic education, my brother your life is ruined. And I'm sorry for those dark and chubby girls right there, I know its really hurts to be ignored but keep praying Allah will surely chooses the best for you, the one who will never disappointed you, the one who value you and truly love you. Ammah gsky mazan Arewa especially Hausawa wlh sai mun canja tunani kuma ka rika tunawa da dark sisters din dake gidanku ko kuma kai idan ka haifesu sai kayi ya dasu? I know it's allowed to chase fair and slim girls but think about your family life, are you willing to raise immoral family that will forget about Islam and its teaching? Hatred among us just sabida kalan fata ko kiba, haba don Allah. Allah kasan da sisters dnmu dake cikin damuwa akan haka, kaine ka halicce su, ya Rabb ka basu maza nagari wanda zasu rike su da gaskiya da amana.
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