i found out i am a bastard
Anonymous Feb 28, 02:41 PM

i found out i am a bastard 0

After 23 years,I just found out that I am a BASTARD.


Safiyah Ahmad Feb 28, 10:53 PM
You can't change it. just accept it and be grateful for the gift of life
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Nairobi Feb 29, 10:21 PM
Ayya just live with it..
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Murjanah Mar 5, 11:34 PM
That doesn’t define you at all. You choose what you want to be, a good human being or otherwise. What your parents did to bring you into this world should not make you feel miserable in anyway. And you should not hate them for what they did because we are humans and we are entitled to a lot of mistakes. May Allah the almighty guide us to the right path.
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Anonymous #1 May 9, 10:10 AM
Bastard ke, my dear you are Allahs creation and not a bastard accept who you are and do istigfar for Allah to console you and grant you people that will accept you for who you are and how you are solemnly for Allahs sake, you did not create your self and you are not a bastard please don't allow the society to define you, Allah ya yi jagora
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